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Carpentry Metal Solutions Slovenia and Croatia


You need metal structural work done? Ask Salfem


If you're wondering who to contact to place a grating on your garage door, install that gate you need so much for your home or someone reliable for any kind of metal structural work in Trieste, there is one solution: Salfem. 


A company with years of proven experience


Salfem is a company with over 25 years of experience that specializes in metal structural work in Trieste. With an ISO 9001:2000 certification, it always ensures its customers highly professional services and employs top quality products. Salfem stands out from the rest because it does not produce work in series, but makes products by constantly liaising with its customers, trying to meet their demands and needs as required.


  Why choose Salfem


The company is therefore a true blacksmith-technical workshop. It established itself and became known for its metal structural work in Trieste and in the surrounding area for using stainless steel, brass and iron – materials that are particularly suitable to repair buildings and structures. Those who rely on Salfem know they can count on a team of qualified professionals, even if they only need to build a small door, railing or an overhead door. Moreover, the company also guarantees prompt intervention for routine and unscheduled maintenance, railings, automatic garage doors, large or small gates, marquees and always ensures before and after-sales support. If you are then interested in special products, Salfem is the official installer of Bauxt for security doors, FAAC/De Nardi automation systems for horizontal pivot doors and Breda for industrial systems.


Always right by our customers


At Salfem we believe that our relationship with the customer is paramount. Along with the ongoing interaction to understand our clientele's needs and ensure tailor-made products, we provide before and after-sales support to each and every customer – also via our free number 24/7 and exhaustive website, where there is a form to request all the information you need.



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